The Smoked-In Car Package will Shampoo your Floors, Floor mats, seats, any upholstery on your doors, Clean & Detail all your Dash & Vinyl, Clean Windows, Dry-Clean Headliner, degrease & wipe out door Jambs, Exterior Wash, Dry, Rim Cleaner, Tire Dressing, & Overnight Ozone Interior Saturation
Vehicle will need to be left for a day to clean, Overnight for Ozone treatment, and 1/2 hour Air-out in the morning
***For extremely saturated smoke smell vehicles, it is recommended to upgrade from ozone treatment to Chlorine dioxide treatment.
***We recommend that the cabin air filter be replaced if your vehicle is equipped with one. If you would like this done at same time please call or email for pricing for your vehicle.

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Smoked-In Package

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