Ceramic Lite

1 Year Waranty


Ceramic Lite is a durable, slick, hydrophobic paint coating that will provide a high level of gloss to enhance any paint. It has superb durability proven by 60,000+ real world client vehicle installations.

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITE is the legacy technology of our chief FEYNLAB® scientist. He created the first ceramic coating over a decade ago. This coating has been continually improved and is now available to the market exclusively as FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITE.

Ceramic Lite is classified as an entry level coating. ‘Lite’ designates the coating contains a lower solids content than our traditional offerings. However, it still packs quite a punch in terms of durability and performance.

FEYNLAB engineers, manufacturers, bottles, and ships all products in-house. Therefore, we can offer a consumer grade product at a reasonable cost since we have cut out the price inflation of the traditional two and three tier distribution models.


CERAMIC LITE is the most economical ceramic nano coating in the FEYNLAB® family.

The performance allows installers to offer this service to customers at a price that is extremely competitive with other coating brand price points while equaling or surpassing those other brands in terms of performance.

A hydrophobic surface, which easily out performs all traditional waxes and sealants. Surface versatility – Ceramic Lite may be used to protect most vehicle exterior surfaces. 

CERAMIC LITE provides a coated vehicle with an impressive combination of ultra-slickness, durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties.

FEYNLAB’s® true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.


Service Includes: Wash, Claybar Cleaning, Polish, & Ceramic lite Coating on all exterior Painted surfaces.


*Used Vehicles may require scratch/Swirl removal (paint correction) Prior to coating at extra cost.


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